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Vintage Bunny's original, handcrafted jewellery is inspired by my travels. On every journey - from Asia to Europe to the Middle East to the Americas -  I make a beeline for the local antique and vintage boutiques.

I frequent bead markets wherever I go - flea markets, souks, county fairs, bazaars, to bring home natural stones, tribal, silver, metals, gems - for the jewellery pieces that I personally design.

Growing up, I remember my mother's jewellery. She didn't have many pieces but those that she had, she wore them with a lot of love and style - one marble-sized pearl ring, a chunky gold bangle, one intricate platinum wedding band...

Thanks to my mother, I grew up appreciating all types of jewellery - gemstones, vintage, handmade beads, sterling silver, rose gold, tribal...

My interest in vintage jewellery began in the spring of 2005. It was my first time in San Francisco. My boyfriend and I were strolling on the Haight-Ashbury and we chanced upon a quaint boutique dealing in all things vintage.

He bought me a necklace - it's from the 1920s. It's one of the most magical pieces I have in my collection - luminous paste-in rhinestones set in pot metal.

There's been no looking back since.

My vintage collection is mainly from 1920s -1960s. My eye is attracted to colours and style so I go for what appeals to my taste - this can be bakelite, Victorian jet, bohemia crystals, Egyptian revivalist.

There is grace and wisdom in the ages. When I chance upon a gorgeous vintage piece, I wonder about the first owner - who was she? who bought her the jewellery? what was her reaction when she first laid eyes on it? where did she wear it to? whom did she hand down the piece to?

Enjoy your journey of jewellery with Vintage Bunny.