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I believe that every lady, even the most modest, should be adorned by - at the very least - a touch of pearls - a glimmer of metal - or a hint of gemstones.

And this belief isn't new. In fact, the art of wearing jewellery has been around for about 40,000 years, when the first known artistic beads were found in a cave in France.

As civilisations of Egypt, the Indus Valley, Mesopotamia and the Far East rose and fell, beadmaking and jewellery flourished.

Beads have been used for beauty and adornment, as currency, as artistic expression as well as for prayer and protection.

Vintage Bunny is an eclectic collection of designer, original and individually handcrafted jewellery, using semi-precious stones and beads, as well as vintage jewellery.

All my handcrafted jewellery uses semi-precious stones, pearls with filigree beads, Bali silver, Indian mouth-blown glass, Austrian faceted crystals. Vintage Bunny's designs are intricate, with many hours of painstaking details such as choice of colours, gemstone combinations, balance of overall look and feel of each individual piece.

I enjoy working with natural beads and gemstones. I believe they have living energy. Over the wisdom of the ages, all gemstones have been bestowed several attributes. Some gems are known for their protective powers, others for love, for good luck, for healing, for encouraging talent and even for peace of mind.

You don't have to be restricted to the given symbolic meanings. The power that any stone has is the power that your psychic energy gives it. That's what really counts.

At times, a gemstone's energy seem to prefer one person to another. Perhaps the gem chooses the person, rather than the other way around.

Let the stone choose you. Be led by your first impressions and be guided by your instincts.

And you'll find that special something that calls out your name, to reflect a certain feeling, mood, need and personality.